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La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Eye Shadow

La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Eye Shadow
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This compact was inspired by the sunsets of Sedona (AZ).  The combination of colors may be described as a fiery glow as the sun as day turns to dusk with clear skies creating the perfect canvas for twilight.  


The collection - mineral shades of Rust, Grey, Deep Taupe and Bone are presented in four quads of colour



The Blackberry Collection is rich, attractive and dramatic.  This timeless compact contains four lavish shades for irresistible eyes.


The collection - Divine rose, Opalescent lilac, Glittered burgundy, Hazel dust.



Down to Earth features a selection of nature’s versatile colours that can be worn individually or combined.  This is a great starter compact as the delicate tones alleviate any fear of eye-shadow application.


The collection –




Midnight Azurite embodies the spirit of mystery and elegance.  The classy color combination will give you an aura of intrigue and sophistication that can create a subtle day look or a gripping evening look leaving your eyes the focus of the


The collection - Classic cocoa, straw, midnight navy and aubergine.






Luminère is sheer, shimmery and soft like silk.  This specially formulated, delicately pressed highlighter will give your skin a natural radiance; a ‘lit-from-within’ glow.  It is suitable for brightening all skin types and tones.  

  • Apply to cheekbones, forehead, bridge of nose and chin for a healthy glow
  • Use below eyebrow to open up eyes
  • Use on eyelid to open the eye with or without an eyeshadow base
  • Use in the corner of eyes and in center of eyelid to brighten and open up eyes
  • Apply with blending brush
  • Blending brush

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